Update Your Billing Details


The following page describes how to update your billing information and billing address for EVA Cloud, or cancel your subscription.


Step 1: Log on to the EVA Administrator Console

Step 2: Input the username and password of the EVA Customer Administrator


Step 3: Go to ‘Account --> Billing’

Billing Page.png

On this page you can:

  • Update your billing information
  • Cancel your subscription to EVA Cloud

To update your billing information:

Step 1: Select 'Update your billing details'

Billing Button.png

Step 2: Update your details as required on the self-service page

Self Service Page.png

To cancel your subscription to EVA Cloud:

Step 1: Select 'Cancel your subscription'

Cancel Button.png

Step 2: Select 'Confirm subscription cancellation'

Confirm Cancellation.png

You can always reactivate your subscription by logging back into your Admin Console.