WhoIsHere Report:


EVA Visitor Management System allows you to view visitors that are onsite at any given time.

To view your WhoIsHere Report:

Step 1: In your EVA admin console, go to 'Reports > WhoIsHere'.

Customise your health and safety wording to suit the needs of your business.

On this page you can:

  • View all visitors that are currently on site.
  • Filter view by Visitor type
  • Print replacement visitor labels for visitors that are onsite.
  • Print the list of visitors currently onsite.

To print a label for a visitor:

Step 1: Check the box next to the visitor you would like to print a label.

Step 2: Select the EVA Kiosk where you want to print the label.

Step 3: Click "Print Labels".

Change the theme of your Health and Safety message box.


To print The List Of Visitors Onsite:

Step 1: Click on the "Print" button in the bottom right.


Step 2: A printable form will come up. Click on the print icon to print your report.


Step 3: Select your printer and click "Print".