Getting Started

Congratulations on getting your trial started for EVA!

The purpose of this article is to help you get set up. We've broken this article into 8 sections, that give instructions on how to set up your EVA terminal.

Getting your Hardware sorted

The first thing that you will need is some hardware! 

Our recommended build for running the optimal visitor management system is the following:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or above
  • Dual-Core Processor minimum, Quad-Core Processor or better recommended
  • 4GB RAM minimum
  • 2GB of hard-disk space
  • Touchscreen Display
  • Brother QL-700/720 label printer
  • Motorola DS9208 Barcode scanner

Our current bundle options include:

A Surface Pro bundle 

A sleek compact solution that doesn't take up too much space and looks amazing in all settings.

HP Bundle.jpg


The EliteOne 800 bundle

A bulkier solution but elegant and eye catching. Just what you need to draw your visitor to sign in without directing them.

Whichever you try we have no doubt they will assist in making your reception space look elegant and professional.

Setting up your Printer and Scanner

If you don't have your label printer and scanner yet, you can purchase them from your local electronics supplier or alternatively you can find them here.

Please note the label printer is not a requirement for running EVA, however your visitors being asked to wear name badges is definitely a contribution to the overall security of your business environment.

Most label printers are plug-and-play and will install any required drivers to run when they are first plugged into the computer. If this is not the case, the label printer is often provided with a disk with the Printer installer included. Failing that you can get the installer from the providers website. 

Here is a list of some of the installers for the label printers we recommend:

Make sure the label printer is set as your default printer.

Once the printer is installed and plugged in, we now need EVA to talk to your printer. To do that you will need the Quick Print client. 

To get the Quick Print Client:

  • On your admin console at go to Site Information > Summary
  • Click on your terminal under “Terminals
  • Click “Download Quick Print Client
  • Extract and run this once it has been downloaded.
  • On the new icon in the bottom right tray of your screen, right click it and select “Add to Startup Folder” so it comes on automatically when the computer is restarted.

Once this is set up, on every sign in EVA will send a print job to your default printer, which will print your visitor a label.

The Barcode scanner is much simpler to setup. Just plug it in and it will start working. Visitors can now scan their printed label to sign out or sign in again later.

You can find more detailed information on setting this up here:

Making EVA your own

Customizing EVA

No doubt you want your Visitor Management System to look like YOUR Visitor Management System. 

As much as we love our customers waving our flag around, you need your reception space to feel like your own.

To edit the theme of your EVA system log in to your admin console and click on Site Information > Themes on the left navigation panel.


On this page you will be able to:

  • Upload your own logo:
    • Click on "Choose file" under "Company Logo", select your logo file and click "Upload". 
  • Upload your own logo that will be included on Printed visitor labels:
    • Click on "Choose file" under "Printer Label Logo", select your logo file and click "Upload". 
  • Upload your own welcoming video to play on your EVA kiosk when it's not being signed in to:
    • Click on "Choose file" under "Welcome Video", select your logo file and click "Upload". 

Creating your own video can seem like a daunting task. But do not be deceived! You can make your own welcoming video easily by using one of the following methods:

Further down the page you'll see the colour scheme setup:

Here you can change the main look and feel of EVA in your reception area. The scheme will change the layout and feel of your sign in screen. If you would like to further customise this you can select "Custom" from the Scheme Dropdown. 

If you click on the colour selection button you'll get a colour pallette that looks like this:


From here you can adjust the colour with the slider on the right and adjust the opacity with the slider on the bottom. Remember to click done when you are finished, or cancel if you don't want the new colour.

Below this you will find the "Messages & Dialogs" menu:


Here you can change the colour theme of the pop up windows such as the Health and Safety message and your welcome message.

There is also an example window that will show you how it will look after you have made the changes.

Don't forget to hit save if you are happy with the changes.

Health and Safety Message

You may have already edited the Health and Safety message when signing up for EVA.

If you skipped this step, you can configure in the EVA administration console from navigating to the following:

Site information > Options

Under the Captions Tab you can edit the Health and Safety message to be specific to your company.

Make changes to the appropriate fields. (Highlighted below)


Dont forget to save these changes.

Add People

How to add employees as hosts in EVA

Upon signing up for EVA, there's an option to add employees. However this can be time consuming. There are two additional options for adding your employee list into EVA. 

Adding users manually

Navigate to the following:

Customer > Employees > Import



You will be prompted to upload the employee file. This file can be of CSV or XML format.

Note* If you select CSV, you will be be given a CSV template. If XML is selected, an XML template is provided.

You can choose whether to remove the users that are existing, or keep them.


Please ensure that your file meets the requirements.

Active Directory Sync

Active Directory Synchronization allows you to synchronize your employees found in your Local Active Directory database with EVA. 

You can purchase AD Sync for $15.00/month per site

If you've already purchased Active Directory Sync, below is a link showing how to set it up: 

How to add user administrators

Adding users allows them to log in to the EVA admin console, and make changes to things in the background. 

To add users, navigate to the following:

Customer > Users > Create New


You now can add user details, selecting the users' level of access, roles and which terminal they are responsible for (if you have more than one).

You can read more about user roles here:

Nominated user should now be able to log in to the EVA admin console and make changes.


Site Manager Notifications

To set up site manager notifications, navigate to the following: 

Site information > Options

In the top menu select Notification Settings

Scroll down to Site Manager Notification Settings and populate fields.


Select "Notify after time" is the time that the site manager is notified if a person is still on site. In our example above, the site manager is notified when visitors are still on site after 2pm. 

Save changes before exiting

Setting up SMS Notifications

Currently there are two ways SMS notifications can be set up. EVA has its own built in SMS service, alternatively you can use another SMS provider.

To set up SMS notifications, navigate to the following

Site Information > Options

In the top menu, select Notification Settings

Scroll down to the SMS to Host on Arrival

Select whether you would like to use EVA built in SMS or your own SMS providing using your SMTP.

EVA built in SMS 

If you are using EVA built in SMS you can purchase SMS messages for $130NZD. These can be used across all sites.

This add on will appear on your next invoice.


Dont forget to save changes.

Your own SMS provider using your own SMTP

You will need the obtain Sender Email Address and SMTP Information from the third party provider.

The recipeints email address should be $

The form should look something like this:


Dont forget to click Save before navigating away from this page.

For more detailed instructions on how to set up SMS Notifications visit this link: 

Signing In

First, we need to obtain your Terminal ID and Token.

When signing up for EVA you should have recieved an email with your terminal ID and Token.

We can also access this information by navigating to the following:

Site Information > Summary

Under Terminals, Select Edit

You should find your Terminal ID and Authentication Token


Navigate to 

Enter ID and Authentication Token.

You guests can now start signing in to your EVA terminal!

How to Sign In

Select Sign In on the terminal


The visitor signing in enters their details: First Name, Last Name, Title etc, and then clicks Next.



Select the Employee you are wishing to visit from the carousel. 



Confirm details

Your guests will then be prompted to accept the Health and Safety Policy- Note: You need to define what happens if a person declines the Health and Safety message.



After accepting Health and Safety, a label should print with your details and you should receive the following Welcome Message.


Now you're all set! 

Your guests can now start signing in using your new EVA terminal!


Do you have board members coming in for a meeting? You may not want them to have to sign in... again. You can prepare their sign-in and even print them off a label in advance!

To pre-register your first visitor:



Here you can add multiple visitors for the same host at once. Just click on the employee field and start typing. EVA will make suggestions to you as you type based on your Employee list.

You can set what time they are all visiting and departing by clicking on the fields and sliding the bar until you get the preferred time. 

The message on arrival field is a message that will show up to the visitors during the sign-in process in case you need to give specific instructions relevant to them.

Once you have the visiting details as required you can start adding in visitors:


To add a visitor you have two options. You can enter their details manually or you can search for a visitor that has visited in the past. 

If you run out of space to add visitors, you can click on "Add Visitor" to add another field. 

Don't forget to click save when you are done.

Once a visitor is pre-registered, when they go to sign in, it will pick up who they are visiting without them having to select a host and will sign them straight in.

You can also print your pre-registed visitor a label before hand to make the sign in process much faster:

  • In your admin console at go to Visitors > Pre-registered visitors
  • Click on the checkbox of the visitor you want to print a label for.
  • Click on "Print Labels"
  • Get your visitor to scan their label instead of signing in.

For a more detailed explanation of pre-registration you can go here:

Event Management

This is primarily used if you are expecting a large number of visitors for a specific event that require related instruction and you don't want to notify the host.

The prerequisites of the EVA Event Management functionality are the following:

You need at least one other visitor type and an event visitor type. We explain how to set these up here:

Once you've got the prerequisites sorted you're ready to create an event:



Here you can enter the name of your event, the employee hosting the event and a description.

When you click on the Sign In Start/End date fields you will be presented with a calendar to select the relevant dates.

For Message on Arrival, this will show a directed message to attendees of this event.

You can also designate whether you want the host to be notified with each sign in to this event.

You can see more detailed information about Event Management here: