SMS Notifications

The SMS (TXT) functionality in EVA allows your employees to receive SMS notifications when visitors sign in to see them. In addition, your Site Manager Notifications can also be delivered via SMS.  

To configure SMS notifications in EVA Receptionist, go to the Admin Console > Site Information > Options > Notification Settings


Employee notifications:

This defines the type of message(s) that will be sent to your employees on arrival of a visitor.

For TXT messages, the Employee notifications setting should be one of the following:

a.       Send TXT only: this will only send an SMS if the employee's mobile number is present.

b.       Send both Email and TXT: this will send an SMS if the employee's mobile number is present and send an email if the employee's email address is present.

c.       Send email, if not TXT: this will send an SMS if the employee's mobile number is present and if not, it will send an Email if the employee has an email address.

Country Phone Code should be set up to match the international area code for your country. Eg. 1 for USA, 61 for Australia, 64 for New Zealand.

SMS to Host on Arrival

1.      Message Template

This template is used to define the message that is sent to the employee when a visitor signs in to see them. The following tokens (variables) are available:

·         $ename – employee's name

·         $emobile - employee's mobile phone number

·         $eintmobile - employee's mobile phone number without the leading 0

·         $vfull - visitor's full name

·         $vfirst - visitor's first name

·         $vmiddle - visitor's middle name

·         $vlast - visitor's last name

·         $vcomp - visitor's company 

·         $vemail - visitor's email 

·         $vphone - visitor's phone 

·      $entrance - entrance (terminal) name used by the visitor to sign in



Hi Richard, John Smith from XYZ Ltd is at reception waiting to see you.

2.   Method for Sending SMS notifications 

There are two options to select from: Built-in SMS from EVA or Your own SMS Provider using your SMTP.

Built-in SMS from EVA

This is the easiest and most preferred option for sending SMS notifications from EVA - simply enable it and EVA takes care of the rest. To enable this option, select 'Built-in SMS from EVA' and click 'Save' at the bottom of the page. You can purchase bundles of 1,000 messages which can be used across all your sites. In this section you can also check the remaining balance of your SMS notifications as well as set up automatic top-ups or reminders when you have 100 messages left.

SMS notifications in EVA Visitor Management system

Your own SMS provider using SMTP

Some companies prefer sending SMS notifications through their own Email-to-Text provider. To do this, select 'Your own SMS provider using your SMTP' as the method for sending SMS notifications > click 'Save' at the bottom of the page > fill out the following fields: 


Sender Email Address: enter the email address that is registered by you with your email to SMS Service Provider. It is used by EVA to send the messages from and it is used by your provider for authentication purposes. If you are having trouble sending SMS notifications, check with your provider to make sure that this email address is enabled in their system.

Example of one such Email to SMS provider is offers a special price to EVA Receptionist customers. See more information at this link.


Recipient Email Address: enter the email address to send the messages to; this will be defined by your Email to SMS provider.  Use the $emobile token for the employee’s mobile phone number (e.g. $ The $emobile token will be replaced with the Country Code defined earlier, followed by the Employee's Mobile Number.

Local SMTP settings: the below Local SMTP Settings are specific to your organization and must be for the same domain as the email address that you registered with your Email to TXT provider:

a.       SMTP Server:  enter your SMTP server name in this field. e.g.


b.       SMTP Port: enter your SMTP server port in this field. e.g.


c.       SMTP Username: enter your SMTP Username in this field. e.g.


d.       SMTP Password: enter your SMTP password in this field.


                     e. Confirm that the information you have entered is correct and then press ‘Save’.

Tip: if your organization is using Microsoft Office365, there are three ways you can use Office365 SMTP to relay a message from an application. See the following link from Microsoft for details:
All 3 different approaches have been used by our clients using EVA Receptionist SMS notifications.

Sending a test TXT message

Please make sure that all the settings are correct and have been saved before sending the test TXT message.

Put your mobile phone number in the “To” text box next to the “Send test TXT message” link (as shown in the picture below) and click on the “Send test TXT message” link.


If you do not receive a message within a couple of minutes, make sure that the Country Phone Code is set up, you have chosen an Employee notification option that sends TXT messages and all the SMS to Host on Arrival settings are correctly configured.