Automatic signout at midnight for selected visitor types


EVA Visitor Management System allows you to choose whether the system needs to automatically sign out those visitors who have not signed out by midnight. If your internal business process requires that some visitor types remain signed in unless manually signed out,  you can specify which visitor types need to be signed out at midnight automatically and which ones need to remain signed in.

Enabling the automatic signout at midnight:

In your EVA admin console, go to Site Information > Options > Options > enable the ‘Automatic Signout at Midnight’ option > Save > refresh your EVA terminal. 

To specify the visitor type(s) that need to be automatically signed out at midnight, go to the EVA admin console > Site Information > Options > Options > ensure the ‘Automatic Signout at Midnight’ option is enabled > select the required visitor types under ‘Automatic Signout Visitor Types’ (if you cannot see any visitor types under ‘Automatic Signout Visitor Types’, make sure that you have visitor types set up under Visitors > Visitor Types). Note: by default, Automatic Signout at Midnight is enabled for all visitor types. 

Sign out your visitors automatically at midnight; EVA Receptionist Visitor Management system also allows you to specify which visitor types this setting needs to be applied to.