Primary industry/agriculture

Business Objective:

Introduce an automated reception


EVA Receptionist from Designertech

Business Benefits:

  • Automation of visitor reception processes
  • Provides confidentiality for visitors
  • Improves Health and Safety compliance and reporting
  • Allows reception staff to focus on value-adding work

Moana New Zealand

Established in the wake of the 2004 Maori Fisheries Act, Moana New Zealand (formerly Aotearoa Fisheries Limited) is the largest Maori-owned fisheries company in New Zealand. The business recently merged with Port Nicholson Fisheries, has a joint venture with the Iwi Collective Partnership and Prepack as well as owning 50 per cent of the Sealord Group Limited.

Most companies will be familiar with the challenges of ensuring compliance with Health and Safety,
particularly for visitors. EVA Receptionist automates this process, with minimal hassle for the visitor; we can also
produce accurate and immediate logs when required to demonstrate our compliance.
— Angus McFarlane – Group Information Systems Manager, Moana New Zealand

Building 21st Century

Group information systems manager at Moana New Zealand Angus McFarlane says he had been looking at automated reception systems for some time before procuring the EVA Visitor Management solution.

“I’d seen similar systems in action a number of times at what was then Gen-i (now Spark Digital) and I was impressed. However, as with anything, there is a cost involved and getting that past management took some doing.”

He says the appeal of the solution was its ability to efficiently and professionally handle visitors coming into a building, with a touchscreen-driven interface that prompts each guest to enter his or her details.

“There was also a level of confidentiality that you just don’t get with a visitor book; that’s important, because when you have contractors or service providers tendering for contracts, it isn’t necessarily a good idea for them to be able to page through and see who they are bidding against.”

He points out that the introduction of EVA wasn’t done to eliminate the company receptionist, but rather to allow front desk personnel to focus on other more value adding tasks.

Enter EVA

Given his experience using the system at Spark (and backing that up with desktop research), McFarlane says it was an obvious choice for the modernization process.

“We therefore engaged Designertech to set off what was a quite straightforward implementation which took around two to three weeks,” he relates.

Most of the time taken for deployment of the solution, McFarlane explains, involved customising the EVA Visitor Management system to suit specific requirements.

“In our case, one part of that was branding EVA with our logos, colours and a company video so it reflects the ‘face’ of the company. The other part was carefully considering the workflows and processes behind visitor arrivals and setting the system up to cater for that,” he explains.

With the two types of visitors (corporate or factory), EVA’s flexibility came to the fore.

“The system is configured to kick off with two options, with underlying workflows to address the specific Health and Safety disclosures and disclaimers which are required when a visitor enters a production area,” says McFarlane.

A Reliable Worker

As the individual charged with delivering dependable solutions to Moana New Zealand's management and staff, there is little more satisfying for McFarlane than a system which just does what it is supposed to do.

“Our premises covers a very large area, so when a visitor comes in, there is no longer any need for the receptionist to try and track down staff members. EVA is intuitive and easy to use, and as soon as the visitor signs in, the system notifies our staff member of their presence on their cellphone, and prints a barcoded nametag.”

He says EVA Receptionist adds to the visitor experience.

“We want to make sure our visitors are well looked after and treated with professionalism throughout their time on site. EVA starts that process off very well – and a technologically driven solution looks far neater than an untidy old visitors’ book.”

One of EVA’s characteristics is that it is an information control solution, so visitor details remain confidential to Moana New Zealand; the system also maintains an accurate and immediate record of everyone who is on-site at any given time.

“Imagine, for example, if there was a fire. Using a visitor book would require a manual scan of the pages to find out who is in the building in order to establish an accurate roll. With EVA, it’s immediate – you can instantly assess whether or not there is anyone in danger,” McFarlane points out.

It’s an issue that comes up again and again, but that’s because it has important implications for the wellbeing of staff and visitors, as well as potential legal repercussions.

“Most companies will be familiar with the challenges of ensuring compliance with Health and Safety, particularly for visitors. EVA automates this process, with minimal hassle for the visitor; we can also produce accurate and immediate logs when required to demonstrate our compliance.”

As a smart system, McFarlane says the EVA Visitor Management system retains information; frequent visitors can scan the barcode on previous nametags for immediate registration of subsequent visits.

“Entering details into forms is part of life, but it is tedious. Those who regularly come to our premises appreciate the convenience of this rapid process.”

Probably the biggest test of satisfaction, however, comes down to a simple question: ‘Would you do it again?’

“Oh definitely. I had pushed for this solution for two or three years. It looks professional, it works beautifully and we’ve only had positive feedback from staff, management and visitors,” McFarlane concludes.