Designertech are the creators of EVA

Who are we?

We transform lives through excellent and innovative technology

We devote our teams and expertise to exploring better ways of doing things to continually help businesses grow and transform people’s lives.


Delivering solutions that work

Our focus is on showing you what technology can deliver for your organisation, not dazzling you with the process behind the results. Our passion and knowledge mean you don't have to worry about understanding the technical stuff, you’ll just be able to use it and enjoy its benefits.

We help organisations transform


Software Development

We create systems that empower your business to differentiate itself from your competition and compete on value rather than price.


Product Innovation

Our guiding principle in the Product Innovation division is to improve business efficiency through technology.


Business Consulting

Aligning your business objectives with your technological needs requires seasoned IT professionals with an understanding of business, not just a technical mindset.


Continuous Computing

As your demands change, so too does the support and and technology you require to keep operating at the speed of business.